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Hangzhou Yangyi Magnetics Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou YangYi Magnetics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a professional supplier of permanent magnets and related magnetic assemblies in china. Our company insists on the concept of people-oriented, market-oriented, quality-oriented and service-oriented; our goal is to grow with our staffs and develop with our customers together.


What we do?


Our company is specialized in production, sales and service of permanent magnets, our products include Neodymium, SmCo, Alnico, Ferrite/Ceramic, FeCrCo, mini/micro magnets, rubber magnets and related magnetic assemblies, widely used in motors, sensors, meters, electronic instruments, medical devices, automobiles, aviation, aerospace and other applications. Our company is well-known in domestic and overseas market for our strict quality control, reasonable price and good service.


Our Advantages


Product Advantage: High quality magnets with standard properties, good appearance and packing.


Team Advantage: Technical team with rich experience in magnet industry, we can provide reliable suggestions to customers.


Service Advantage: English service team with rich experience in export, we can provide timely service to customers.

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Customer Ever Said

These ndfeb magnet are some strong magnets. Love the counter sunk hole, came with stainless steel screws to mount them to things. Will buy more for all sorts of projects. -- B. Dace

These rare earth magnet are pretty stout, I use them at work as a technician and it's super handy to hold tools and other random crap, even put one on my milwaukee impact to hold under carriage panel screws. Super helpful -- Dom